Boyanka Kostova - Time Index Ratios
112k Snatch

Pull to full extension: .73
Receiving the weight: .37
Ratio: 2:1

140k Clean & Jerk

Pull to full extension: .87
Receiving the weight: .33
Ratio: 2.6:1

190k Front Squat

Standing up: 1.7 seconds
1.7 is equal to 154k @ 1 second
90% x 154k = 139k.
140k is her best C&J in international competition.
Boyanka’s times in motion during her 112k snatch are within the average and possess the 2:1 ratio. Her clean on the other hand is achieved with a slower controlled 1st pull, but that doesn’t hinder her ability to pull under the weight in .33 seconds instead of .43 seconds (2:1). Due to her excessive leg speed she is able to compensate for the slower controlled pull to full extension because of her speed during the 3rd pull. For most lifters a 1:2.6 ratio would spell disaster. Boyanka has achieved a front squat of 215k in 2.7 seconds, which is equal to 130k in 1 second, well below the 154k she achieved from the 190k front squat in 1.7 seconds. This is due to the fact that slower times produce less force, and produces diminishing returns as the weight increases past the lifter’s timed index factor; that point where slower actions produce less force and the equivalent force begins to hinder the velocity of the athlete. For example, some lifters are able to squat at a time in motion of 1.5 seconds without decelerating, others will begin to decelerate when the time exceeds 1 second. Boyanka’s time index is somewhere around 1.5 seconds for her squats. This means that generally she would train at 1.5 seconds or faster for her squats and base the amount of weight handled on those particular times in motion. Squatting more weight slower is sometimes unavoidable and sometimes it’s hard for lifters to keep from testing their absolute abilities and on infrequent occasions it might not hurt anything, but sometimes it’s better not to do things just because you can.