Lydia Valentin - Time Index Ratios
145k Clean & Jerk

After timing several of Lydia’s clean & jerks I came up with an average of .87 to full extension and .33 in pulling under the weight and receiving the bar on the chest. These are slower times than the average, for the pull to full extension, and are strangely close to those of boyanka Kostova.

Lydia’s jerks are .47 seconds, faster than the average of .5 seconds.

170k x 3 Back Squat

According to Lydia she only does back squats. The video on the left is 170k x 3 in an average time of 1.1 seconds. That is equal to 175 in 1 second and equal to a 150k clean & jerk. Her best is 147k.

The book
Weightlifting: Strength & Velocity explains these correlations in more detail.