Stefan Botev - Time Index Ratios
250k Clean & Jerk

Botev’s pull to full extension is .67 seconds, his 3rd pull is .33 seconds for a 2:1 ratio. His jerk is .43 seconds to lock out. His jerk velocity is faster than the average of .5 seconds.
320k Back Squat

The time standing up was 1.7 seconds which is equal to 285k in 1 second which is equivalent to a 245k clean & jerk. Botev’s WR was 251k. The equivalent back squat to 251k is 292k in 1 second, which means at the time Botev clean & jerked 251k, he was also capable of doing a 292k back squat in 1 second.
Since Botev’s time in motion to full extension is .67 seconds his front squat with 251k must also be .67 seconds. These two motions, although seemingly separate are closely linked together since both are extensions from at least parallel to standing up (squat) or full extension in the clean. The same changes in acceleration must or should occur during both exercises. For example: If Botev hypothetically could front squat 300k in .67 seconds he should also be able to pull 300k in .67 seconds to full extension and hypothetically he should be able to clean & jerk 300k. In other words the .67 seconds is locked into his ability to move that much weight in either the clean & jerk, front squat or clean pull (to full extension).