Vasily Polovnikov - Time Index Ratios
295k x 5 Back Squat

The video on the left shows Polovnikov doing 295k x 5 at an average stand up time in motion of 1.3 seconds. The equivalent back squat in 1 second would be 295k x 1 in 1 second and this is the equivalent of 253k clean & jerk.
230k Clean & Jerk

230k clean & jerk was achieved in .8 seconds to full extension and .4 seconds from full extension to receiving the barbell. He is a little slower than average and is probably why he can’t clean & jerk up to his equivalent one second back squat of 253k.

The squats are generally a reflection of how much weight the lifter can clean & jerk, and visa versa, as long as those squats being used to correlate the two lifts together are interpolated at one second for the back squat and .67 seconds for the front squat with 100% of PR. Polovnikov squats just a little below parallel, due to the massive size of his legs. His front squat in .67 seconds should be close to his best clean & jerk of 230k, and I suspect it is or is even a few kilos more since he could probably clean & jerk 240k if he could move at .67 seconds during the pull to full extension. That would make his front squat in .67 seconds 240k. His back squat in 1 second is 295k and 295k minus 33k = 262k back squat in .67 seconds and the back squat to front squat ratio would be 240k / 262k = 92%. As noted with Ilya, his 290k front squat is equivalent to a 247k clean & jerk. These are verified lifts and times.