Ruslan Nurudinov - Time Index Ratios
Ruslan Nurudinov 184k Snatch (Made)

The above video illustrates a full snatch executed at .67 seconds in the pull from the platform to full extension and .33 seconds from full extension to receiving the weight at arms length (approx. times). As the times in motion degrade the lift will also degrade to the point of causing technical errors in the trajectory and/or a missed lift. These particular times in motion need to be executed the same from 85% to 100% + of PR. Faster times can be achieved but usually with less than 85% of PR.
Ruslan Nurudinov 190k Snatch (Missed)

In the above video Ruslan is attempting 190k and missed this 3rd attempt lift. The times in motion were .70 from the platform to full extension and .37 from full extension to receiving the weight. As stated in the video to the left, it doesn’t take much of a decrease in velocity to miss a lift, especially at 100% of PR. In this above video the weight did not receive enough inertia from momentum from the platform to full extension for the weight to be received without it crashing downward on the lifter with too much force.
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The above photo shows the transition between the 2nd and 3rd pull. Photo 2 is where the head is at the top of the apex and photo 3 shows the pull downward as photo 4 shows the weight still traveling upward as Ruslan is moving downward. These 4 photos represent .133 seconds, yet a lot of action has taken place in that very short time.